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Strain Gages

Strain Gages


Although there are many machineries and struactures in which we are now living for carrying out a modern social operation, we will not be able to keep a life smoothly and safely unless functions or safety of these facilities be fully ascertained. Strain gages have developed and widened the scope of their application as one of the most fundamental means to confirm the degree of safety of machinery and structures we are using and also as the sensors to actually detect and measure strains and stress at the spot.The history of these strain gages is considerably long and old and the bonded type strain gages which we are currently using have been designed and schemed initially in 1938 by Simmons & Ruge in America. Our SHOWA Company started manufacture of strain gages for the first place in Japan in 1962 as the foil grid type strain gages. Strain gages are really indispensable means to detect strength and properties of metals, rubber, plastics, ceramics which we are using in our daily life.

Types and Specifications of Strain Gages

Type numbers of strain gages are determined in accordance with individual meaning in specifications of respective strain gages. - Click here -

Kinds and basic patterns of standard strain gages

Patterns and Specifications Table of Strain Gages. - Click here -

  • These are the basic strain gages to be used for stress measurement
Kinds Uniaxial Strain Gages Biaixal Strain Gages Triaxial Strain Gages Stress Concentration Measurements
Pattern Code
N11... N22... N32... R11,N51,R51...
Lead wire pre-attached
N11...VS... N22...VS... N32...VS... R11,N51,R51...VS...
Basic pattern
  • These are strain gages complying with the aim of measurements of shearing stress and relating torque and measurements of axial power by means of pipe type strain gages.
Kinds Uniaxial 45° Crack Detection Pipe Gage
Shearing stress and torque measurement Crack propagation detection and analysis Bolt spindle power measurement -Click-
Pattern Code
Z11,Z23... X11,C11... P11...
Basic pattern
  • Others
  1. Strain gages with polyester coated lead wires (Lead wire: "L").
  2. Strain gages with teflon coated lead wires for high temperature applications (Lead wire: "FE").
  3. Strain gages with supporting base cut treatment (Base Trim: "A")
  4. Strain gages with provision of tabs (Tabs are provided at both sides of strain gage grid.) Applicable strain gage types: T11, T24, U11...
  5. Rosette patttern strain gages, Non-intersectional triaxis type, delta type, Y-shaped type, and so on. Applicable strain gage types: N21, N31, N34, N35 ...

Custom built strain gages

Can comply with requirements to be extended to custom built strain gage pattens for sensor applications. - Click here -

Strain gage terminals

Foil type terminals with glass-epoxy supporting base are ready. - Click here -

Adhesives for strain gages

We have provisions of adhesives for instantaneous bonding, ambient temperature hardening type, hardened type with heat applied, and so on. - Click here -

Humidity-proof coating materials for strain gages

Waxes, silicone rubber, and putyl rubber series coating materials are prepared in our stock. - Click here -

Instructions for strain gages

In order to obtain the best possible results from a strain gage installation... - Click here -

Tech Information / What is strain gage measuring ?

Utilize the following factors as the fundamental information in regard to measurements by means of strain gages. - Click here -

  1. Measurements by means of strain gages are in the world of 1/1,000,000...
  2. Purpose of measurements by means of strain gages...
  3. Terminology and expressions wothy to know of in relation with strain gages...
  4. Self temperature compensation strain gages...
  5. Thermal characteristics of strain gages...
  6. Stress-strain curves...
  7. Simple method for generating equivalent strain by inserting a parallel resistor into one side of the strain gage bridge...
  8. Calculation of tension and compression stress...
  9. Calculation of bending stress...
  10. Calculation of shearing stress...
  11. Calculation of torsional stress...

Refer to the following expression for knowing errors taking place during strain measurement. - Click here -


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