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Shift-knob force sensor of 6-Component

6-Component force sensor


This shift-knob sensor was developed as the very small sensor which arranged single focusing 6-component force sensor in ball 50mm. However, the application of this product is totally unknown, but there is superior in crosstalk and linearity, and application as a sensor for manipulators is possible. Please refer to appearance dimensions and performance as follows.

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Appearance Dimensions



Model   MUF-700N-517
Capacity   Fx 600N, Fy 600N,Fz 700N
      Mx 5N•m , My 5N•m ,Mz 6N•m
Safe Overload   150%RC
Rated Output   1mV/V approx. (with each component force)
Nonlinearity   0.2%RO
Hysteresis   0.2%RO
Repeatability   0.15%RO
Excitation Voltage   7V (or less)
Safe Excitation Voltage   10V
Input Rsistance   274Ω
Output Rsistance   235Ω
Compensated Temp.Range   -10 to 50℃
Safe Temp.Range   -20 to 60℃
Temp.Effect on Zero   0.1%RO/℃
Temp.Effect on Output   0.05%/℃
Crosstalk   Within 2%RO (Effect by F-components)
      Within 3.5%RO (Effect by M-components)
Cable   Φ 4mm-8wire shielded cable, length : 2m
      Bridge power supply is common for force system or force couple system.

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